Hotel Used for Care

Patients needing care in Norwich have been sent to a hotel to free up hospital space.

The Holiday Inn in Norwich will accommodate 15 patients who need extra support before going home. The three-month trial comes after the NHS declared a critical incident in the area.

"It's enabling them to meet up with people in the same circumstances," said Cath Byford of Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

"Rather than keeping people in hospitals, which is not a great experience and increases the risk of catching other infections, we thought it's a more pleasant environment. "It encourages them to live a more normal life, rather than in a care home setting."

Staff provided by Abicare will help them with washing, mobility and to gain independence, Ms Byford explained, adding that it was not for patients with more complex needs.

By having all 15 patients in one setting, carers could easily visit each person several times a day. She said services faced a "huge challenge" of increased demand and reduced staffing, and the use of "care hotels" was costly but had worked elsewhere in the country.


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