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Government White Paper sets out 10-year vision for adult social care

On 1st December, the Government published its White Paper – People at the Heart of Care: adult social care reform, the key points of which were:

· To allocate at least £300 million to integrate housing as part of local health and care strategies. There will be a focus on increasing the range of new supported housing to provide choice of alternative housing and support options.

· To provide at least £150 million of additional funding to drive greater adoption of technology and achieve widespread digitisation across social care. The aim will be to use digital tools and technology to support independent living and improve the quality of care.

· To commit at least £500 million to provide the right training and qualifications for the social care workforce. The aim is to help individuals feel recognised and valued for their skills and commitment and to have their wellbeing prioritised.

· To deliver a new practical support service to make minor repairs and changes in people’s homes to help them remain independent and safe, alongside increasing the upper limit of the Disabilities Facilities Grant for home adaptations such as stairlifts, wet rooms and home technologies

· To allocate up to £25 million to work with the care sector to kick-start a change in the services provided to support unpaid carers

· To provide £30 million to help local areas innovate around the support and care they provide in new and different ways, providing more options that suit people’s needs and individual circumstances

· a new national website to explain the upcoming changes, and at least £5 million to pilot new ways to help people understand and access the care and support available

· more than £70 million to increase the support offer across adult social care to improve the delivery of care and support services, including assisting local authorities to better plan and develop the support and care options available

For full details:

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