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Getting Help at Home

Many people who we speak to are unaware that they are able to claim an allowance which is not means tested. At £60 a week for the lower amount and £89.60 for the higher, this benefit can be essential in paying for the help we may need.

Attendance Allowance is a vitally important benefit for older people who require help because of their physical or mental condition as entitlement is not subject to the financial means testing which so often applies to other benefits.

Equally, there is no requirement that the applicant is actually attended and the benefit does not have to be spent on care or attendance and can be used for any purpose. All that matters is that a need for help with personal care or supervision exists. The main consideration is that the underlying need is not temporary, such as during a period of convalescence and that the “disability” must have existed for 6 months, except where a prognosis is terminal.

Care Aware Attendance Allowance Bulletin:

Care Aware Attendance Allowance Bulletin 2021
Download PDF • 209KB

To download the Attendance Allowance application form from the website, click below:


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