Carer's Corner - Coping with dementia

The challenges of dealing with a loved one’s care need cannot be underestimated and it is likely to have a huge impact on those closest. All too often, the consequences for carers and family are overlooked and sharing some of the emotions and experiences may help people realise that they are not alone in their difficulties.

The son of broadcaster and actor Bill Steel bravely told the BBC how the pressure of being his father’s sole carer pushed him to the brink of despair.

Mr Steel, senior had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and was receiving end-of-life care. His son Christian, 45, tried to take his own life after his mum Isabel died suddenly from Covid and he struggled caring for his terminally ill father.

"I'd lost my best friend in my mum and I was watching my dad die and I thought I just can't deal with this." he said.

Bill Steel played Bernard McKenna in Coronation Street in 1997 and was a presenter for Tyne Tees Television before becoming an announcer. He also voiced more than 20,000 advertisements.

Christian lost his mum on his birthday which led to his suicide attempt and him being taken to hospital. He explained that when he considered the responsibility of being his father's sole carer he realised he had to get back to help him. "I was closer to my dad than I have ever been. I love him and I would fight to the death for him" he explained.

Source: BBC


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