Care home provider criticised for charging residents for taking them to medical appointments.

Ms Simms, a nurse from Cardiff, said she was "astonished and furious" when her father’s care home told her she would have to start paying £18 an hour for every hospital appointment that she could not take her father to.

"I know from my background in A&E how long waiting times at hospitals can be so we could end up with a bill for hundreds of pounds," she said.

A spokesperson for the home where her dad lives, said: "We do charge an escort fee for hospital appointments as standard at our home.

"We ask for the fee because when a carer is needed to accompany a resident, it means they are away from the home and the other residents under their care. In some cases, we will need to ensure an extra team member is on shift to cover their duties.

Mary Wimbury, Chief executive of Care Forum Wales, explained that the financial situation for care homes was "really challenging".


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