ASK OUR ADVISERS - Property Disregard

I own my own home and my 62 year old son lives with me. I am worried about him if I have to go into a care home. Will he be homeless?

The key issue here is his age. The value of your home is exempt from the local authority means test if it is occupied by a relative over the age of 60 even if they are not a part owner of the property, provided it is and has been their primary residence for a suitable amount of time.

You will not be required to sell your home or use its value to support your care costs and from that point of view, your son will not be forced to move out.

It is worth bearing in mind that your income is not likely to be available to help with the running expenses of the property as you will be using this to fund your care and this may leave him unable to meet the full costs of running the house. If he does move out of the property, the exemption will be lost and the value of your home may then be taken into account.


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