The Care Aware Information & Advice Service

What is the Care Aware Information and Advice Service?

The Care Aware Information and Advice Service has been designed to ensure that no clients or residents are deprived of access to the information they need in dealing with the funding of a long term care need, for reasons of price.


The issues facing care residents and their families have never been more complex. Access to accurate and independent information is therefore crucial to making informed decisions about long term care and the Care Aware facility provides a “one stop” service to answer all of the care questions raised by you and your clients.

What are the benefits of membership?

All members of the Care Aware Information and advice service will receive two premium printed A4 booklets which contain information on all the topics related to the care system. These are updated each year to coincide with the benefit rate changes in April and sent out on renewal of the service.

The Care Aware information and Advice Service has no charge or obligation to the end user.

What issues can the Information and Advice Service assist with?

 Care Aware can provide information, advice and guidance on:

  • Understanding social services assessment procedures.

  • Sourcing appropriate care services and support organisations.

  • Establishing entitlement to state benefits including Attendance Allowance, Pension Credit, NHS Continuing Healthcare and Funded Nursing Care.

  • Paying care fees, protecting assets, funding top-up payments, securing an inheritance and tax planning.

  • Maximising support from the Local Authority including 12 week property disregard and the deferred payment agreement.

  • Establishing Power of Attorney to protect independence and integrity.

  • Accessing the help of specialist advisory organisations. 

Who will benefit from using the Information and Advice Service?

  •  Care homes, residents and their families.

  • Community groups, charities and Social Services departments.

  • Solicitors, accountants and all care professionals 

What is the cost?

The cost of membership is £98 per annum. This cost allows us to cover the ever increasing postage and literature production costs and we have tried to keep this as low as possible for our users.

As mentioned above, there is no cost to the end user, so residents and their families will never be charged for using our service.